Since 2012, Breakfast PH has always been a purveyor of gastronomic tales. With every issue, we made it a point to celebrate the beauty of gastronomy and the people behind it with you, seeking to elevate food to more than just a mere essential for living. As we draw the curtains to the printed page and prepare for this big leap of faith in the digital realm—the newest hotbed for consuming content—we’re exploring more possibilities. In Real Food, we show you how to DIY delectable recipes you can easily make in your down time, the hippest must-visit diners in the Metro, and a cheat sheet of products you definitely should not miss. In Real Stories, we take you on several food adventures, get our freak on with fun quirky food-centric challenges, give you the latest in all things gastronomy, and get to know the people behind the industry. Here at Breakfast, our utmost goal to you, our dear reader is to bring you an overall holistic experience in the great big world of food – one that cuts to the heart, the same way it does to the palate.


Founded in 2011, AKME is an independent publishing house powered by a team of young, diverse, and talented people who share a common goal – that is, to provide quality content across various platforms. Bringing new blood to the industry with fresh and daring ideas, we seek to set the bar high for storytelling. We started with our first venture, Breakfast Magazine, and now we’re ready to move forward and explore the digital realm and all the windows of opportunity it brings forth. Just as we value innovation and growth, we also put prime importance on professionalism and a thriving work culture. Summed up? We love what we do, and most importantly, we move with passion in our blood.

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