These animated films are making us crave for food in all the right ways

Get ready to swoon over food all over again with these animated flicks


Artwork by: Sunshine Amando

Famous American cook James Beard once said that “Food is a common ground, a universal experience.” To some, it may sound cheesy, but it does make sense. Food brings people together; It can even influence a whole culture and this is evident in the shows we watch. Take these six shows for example. They have very different plots and sub-plots but their common ground points back to food. So bring on the popcorn and fluff up your couches, this movie marathon sure is going to be one drool-worthy feast. We hope you enjoy them as much as we drooled over the fascinating meals (we wished were real) showed on-screen.


Arguably, this flick is one of the most well-loved animated films about food. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship made stronger with cooking. Remy, a house rat who knows his way around food, finds it difficult to practice what he loves without anyone judging him. Of course, who wouldn’t freak out if they found a rat trying to cook? But through the help of Alfredo Linguini, they both found a way to reach each other’s dreams. Remy was the brains while Linguini executed what the rat could not physically do. The film was keen on inspiring aspiring chefs that indeed, anything is possible if you just set your heart out to it.

2Spirited Away

Drool over mouthwatering fares while watching this beloved Japanese movie. With its intricately detailed food animation, viewers will most likely hear their stomach growl minutes into the film. A few of those meals shown were dumplings, sweet potatoes, and rice balls. One bonus is that if your cravings are too hard to resist, you can always visit Taiwan, where the setting of the film was based. Spirited Away is definitely a theater of the stomach as much as it is ripe with life lessons.

3Sweetness and Lightning

This touching father-daughter story will definitely warm every viewer’s heart. In the film, Kouhei Inuzuka had been struggling to feed his daughter Tsumugi with healthy meals after his wife died. Unacquainted with cooking, he relies on fast food and convenience store meals for their everyday needs. That was until his pupil Kotori Iida pushed him to get into cooking. Although a complete beginner, Kouhei does his best so that he could start providing healthier meals for Tsumugi. This film truly embodies the saying “made with love”.

4Moyashimon: The Tales of Agriculture

Moyashimon: The Tales of Agriculture

Pinoys will find it easy to relate to Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture for a couple of reasons. A big part of it is because like Japan, the Philippines is known to be a good place for agriculture. The story follows the journey of Tadayasu Sawaki through university. But he’s no ordinary kid. He is gifted with the ability to speak to microorganisms, which gives him an upper hand in his agriculture degree. Here, viewers could further appreciate the hard-working farmers who are responsible for the food we put on the table.

5Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Some kids dream of becoming a lawyer or doctor but Flint had always dreamed of being an inventor. His big break was when he invented the Flint Lockwood Diatonic “Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator” (FLDSMDFR), a machine that can transform water into food. This product ended up turning tornadoes into spaghetti and rain into burgers. Trust us, you’d want to order extra servings of your favorite comfort food fares after watching this film.