Atreena Is The Answer To All Your Fresh Palengke Needs, Minus The Hassle

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Palengke shopping is an ultimate delight we titas love to live by. It’s an art all on its own too. You wake up really early even before the break of dawn to get the freshest catch for your meals, you haggle and chat with your suki, and check the produce or the seafood before making choice picks. But we have to admit, sometimes the palengke hustle becomes a hassle. We all need that extra sleep on some days. Thankfully, there’s a new service available that’s got our backs when those days hit. Check out Atreena!


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Right now, the service is still pretty much on its beta stage and is currently servicing Pasig, Mandaluyong, and BGC patrons. It’s fully operational on this site for the mean time, but will be transferring to its app form soon, alongside a brand new site for support. They have a wide selection of fresh produce like seafood and meats, vegetables and fruits, and exclusive goods you can only find in wet markets. The site works like your usual e-commerce site where you choose the products you want to purchase and add to cart (pro-tip: you can make special requests too), and pick a delivery date and time to go with it. The purchases are all on cash-on-delivery mode.

We can’t wait for the app to launch on iOS and Android soon, with all the further developments!