Photography by Karlo Cadang

Pinoys have a great love affair with milk tea. Proof of this stems from the long queues virtually every milk tea stand has under its roof. It’s safe to say that milk tea has become the “national drink” at the moment. And because we love our dose of it so much, we pretty much welcome each new concept with open arms.

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Milk tea gets a Thai twist

One such brand you’re bound to love for its take on the popular drink is Baa Baa Thai Tea. Helmed by Chef Joe Ramos, his goal is to put a timely twist to milk tea by blending his experience with Thai culture to the Taiwanese-originated drink. In just 3 months, they were able to rapidly expand into 5 branches across Metro Manila with the newest branch located at Panay Ave. in Quezon City.

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Baa Baa’s special handcrafted signature milk tea drinks are created with pure love

Their authentic Thai milk tea can mostly be found in their specials. For instance, their Cha Yen boasts of freshly brewed original Thai tea leaves blended with Baa Baa’s special milk mixture. Meanwhile, the Nom Yen highlights a Thai favorite – the Sala milk – mixed in with milk and resulting into a pretty sweet pink drink.

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Baa Baa Thai Tea has also got a line-up of fruit teas at its arsenal

Classic favorites like Winter melon and Pearl Milk Tea also get the Baa Baa seal of approval with their sliky signature black tea. While lovers of Cookies N’ Cream will also rejoice with their take on the Oreo Cream Cheese Milk Tea, elevated with their very own handcrafted cream cheese mixture. They also have a refreshingly cool Fruit Tea line-up made even more succulent with chewy nata de coco.

With Baa Baa Thai Tea, you can be sure that every cup is crafted with sparking the simplest happiness in mind. Whether rainy or sunny, a sip will take you to milk tea heaven and back.

Baa Baa Thai Tea has branches in Manila and Quezon City.


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