Bacon and Corn Chowder


This hearty chowder is like an edible hug — always comforting and perfect on a cold day.

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes
Serves 4

1/8 cup butter
4 pieces bacon, cut to lardons
1 piece white onion, diced
1⁄2 cup all purpose flour
1⁄2 liter full cream milk
1⁄2 liter vegetable stock
120 grams potatoes, diced
1 piece Japanese corn, removed from cob
salt, to taste
pinch of black peppercorn, cracked
toasted baguette, optional
dash of white truffle oil, optional

1. In a pot, melt butter over low heat. Add in the bacon and render all the fat slowly on low heat.
2. Add in the white onions and sweat until translucent, then add in the all purpose flour. Mix well until it turns lightly brown.
3. Slowly add in the full cream milk and vegetable stock. Whisk continuously until the liquid incorporates well with the flour.
4. After mixing, add in the diced potatoes and Japanese corn. Simmer for 20 minutes or until it reaches a thick soup consistency.
5. Season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
6. To serve, you may opt to put a dash of white truffle oil and a slice of toasted baguette on the side. Serve hot.

Recipe by Chef Thirdy Dolatre
Photography by Justin De Jesus
This recipe was originally published in the April-May 2018 issue of Breakfast Magazine.