With more than a decade’s worth of experience in showbiz, Bianca King now juggles life by wearing different hats: filmmaker, blogger, restaurateur, and advocate, just to name a few. It seems that whatever she’s interested in, she takes a shot at it. After all, life is all about taking chances, right? These days, she’s got her fitness-oriented organic restaurant in play along with her various projects. Indeed, this girl has got a knack for everything.

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Before entering the culinary scene, Bianca’s acquaintance with the kitchen goes way back. For one, living independently for years forced her to gravitate towards housework—be it cleaning, paying the bills, buying groceries, or cooking meals. And among the chores she does, it’s the latter that she drew pleasure from the most. She was so fascinated with cooking that she formed this habit of inviting friends over just so she could let them taste her concoctions. Being an advocate for mindful living herself, it’s important for Bianca to make all her recipes wholesome and healthy.

bianca king Bianca King: Cameras Off, Kitchen Lights On Bianca

What led to this lifestyle shift is close to the actress-turned-restaurateur’s heart.  See, a few years back, her dad had to make massive diet changes after being diagnosed with food-related illnesses. She confessed how it became such an eye-opening experience, “It was because he didn’t watch his food intake. All these experiences solidified my passion into turning it into a full-fledged advocacy.” And so, when the opportunity to put up an organic restaurant rose, she knew it was the perfect avenue to make her advocacy come to life. Thus, the birth of her brainchild, Runner’s Kitchen. “I started out with the dishes I like to eat, that I feel like the people should know about. Things that came out of my imagination,” she muses when we ask her about how she came up with her delectable menu.

bianca king Bianca King: Cameras Off, Kitchen Lights On BMAG AM2017 95

For someone who started in show business and ended up in the food industry, Bianca’s experience led her to learn everything from scratch. For her, it was all about asking the right questions, making mistakes, and going through a series of trial and errors. No matter what comes her way, the intention for her diner stays the same—providing the community with an option they can trust. And it seems like she has won in this aspect, with Runner’s Kitchen being one of the main game players in the local organic food scene. Truly, it’s a 180 degree turn from the industry she was born in, but Bianca still takes it with grace and ease. “The more I got into the whole restaurant life, I saw that ‘okay, I also have it in me’,” she quips.

For Bianca, regardless of what she’s doing, what industry she’s dabbling in, or what hobby she’s experimenting with—as long as she’s confident and happy, it’s enough for her. More than the goal-making, she’s after the pursuit of her own happiness. And with Runner’s Kitchen, it shows.