When In Binondo: The 24-Hour Foodie Guide

We rounded out a few yummy spots for you in case you find yourselves in the midst of their lovely streets

When in Binondo

Home to the world’s oldest Chinatown, Binondo is unceasingly filled with a colorful plethora of activity. It’s the type of place you keep coming back to–the type that just seems to get better with the times. What gives this timeless local haunt unmatched character, however, are the gastronomic finds that lie in wait.

1. Shanghai’s Fried Siopao

Shanghai’s Fried Siopao

There’s no better way to get the ball rolling than with Shanghai’s Fried Siopao in hand. At only Php20.00 each, the snack has all the stellar qualities of a sulit meal. You’ll find yourself ordering your second, third, or fourth helping – or even as pasalubong.

2. Cafe Mezzanine

Cafe Mezzanine

Located above the Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli on Ongpin Street, the diner has a couple of mouthwatering choices. Warm your tummy with their Gokong Soup. That’s fall-off-the-bone pork with hints of hoisin and umami notes.

3. New Quan Yin Chay Vegetarian Garden

New Quan Yin Chay Vegetarian Garden

It’s not easy to come across healthy eats that won’t hurt your wallet’s feelings. In Binondo, however, nothing is impossible. Grab a So Chuan Pin wrap or a radish cake from Quan Yin Chay for something guiltless.

4. Tasty Dumplings

Tasty Dumplings

Despite the diner’s name, it’s the Pork Chop Rice that draws the afternoon crowd. The chops are juicy on the outside and deliciously crispy on the outside, and the dipping soy sauce manages to hold its own, perfecting the tamis-alat combo.

5. Ho-Land Hopia

Ho-Land Hopia

Hopia is a mooncake-inspired deli staple that our tastebuds have grown to love, and for all the right reasons too. In particular, Ho-Land Hopia’s handmade hopia has been on our local radar for 40 to 50 years now, and thankfully, the variations have expanded as well: from mung bean to salted egg.

6. Twips Bakehouse

Twips Bakehouse

This bakery is one of the newest kids in the block in the decades-old street, and we’re glad to have stumbled upon it. The bread is strictly fermented to ensure the best quality, and made with the finest flour from Taiwan. You’re sure to enjoy their Polo Pao here, with the most authentic HK taste.

Wai Ying

Wai Ying binondo When In Binondo: The 24-Hour Foodie Guide Wai Ying
Wai Ying

Finally, head over to Wai Ying to wrap up your food trip. They’ve made it to various top 10 lists for their dimsum and roasted duck, but for this list, we’re putting the spotlight on their drinks. Try the refreshing goodness of their HK Lemon Tea. Meanwhile, their HK Milk Tea is a drink that caters to the sweet tooth.

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