This Burger Shop Is Finally Set To Serve You In The A.M.

Raging Bull Burgers makes a great case for breakfast burgers

We love our breakfast burgers the Raging Bull way

Photography by Karlo Cadang

Great breakfasts are directly parallel to having a happier positive day. There’s an entire science behind this—in particular, it can help boost metabolism, cognitive function, and instantly reduces fatigue. Indeed, it has the power to set your tone for the rest of the day. Raging Bull Burgers understands this to a tee, which led them to concoct a line of burgers with the same rockstar status as their signature fares.

The best part about having a breakfast burger is how you can get all your breakfast favorites sneaked into bite-sized pieces. It’s the perfect creation for busy bees whose only option is to have their meals on the grab and go circuit, and yet can still be able to enjoy premium flavors. Raging Bull’s lean n’ mean versions easily packs on the spunk factor, and we can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into them to find that out for yourself. Plus, you’d be surprised at how incredibly affordable these things get.

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Wake up, kick ass, and repeat with this spunky burger

The WKR (Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat), like its namesake suggests, will have you on the right track to seize the day as early as 7a.m. For Php150, you can have a hefty serving of
savory strips of cured bacon—which we know you just couldn’t get enough of—alongside fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and topped with runny and silky sunny side-up egg.

raging bull burgers This Burger Shop Is Finally Set To Serve You In The A.M. Raging Bull1 e1536646394964
The Mister Bright Side burger can instantly make your day brighter.

If you want a fairly new take on the breakfast burger, you’ve got to try Raging Bull Burger’s Mister Bright Side. We’re talking a flavor-forward pork patty marinated in their chart-topping seasoning mix, paired with a tango of tangy and sweet in their apple chutney, a generous serving of cheddar cheese, and of course, that beautiful sunny side-up. Not to mention, you can have this masterpiece in your tummy for only Php175. Grab a cup of their freshly brewed coffee by Toby’s Estate to complete the equation, while you’re at it.

Surely, these new kids on the block have all the makings of a habit-forming ritual. And quite frankly, we don’t mind.

Their breakfast burgers are available on 7am-11am from Mondays to Fridays. What will you be having? Let us know in the comments below! Raging Bull Burgers is located at the ground level of the West Wing of Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th st. corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Want more stories like this one? Check out this next feature!