Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You!

These eats will turn you into a morning person

Mornings made better by Manam

Photography by Karlo Cadang

Everybody knows the famous proverb that the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the early bird gets to eat great grub. Manam, your favorite source of Filipino comfort food, now has a special breakfast menu that you can enjoy from 7a.m. to 10a.m. in their BGC and Greenbelt branch. While having breakfast is essential for starting your day, every morning is different. So here it goes, a list of essential Manam breakfast dishes that are the ideal pairing for every kind of morning situation.

When it’s cuddle weather and you’re feeling cold

manam Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You! Manam31
This champorado is perfect even when it’s not raining

Rainy mornings can leave you feeling chilly. For those who want to feel a cozy warmth in their tummies, Manam’s Classic Champorado can do the job for you. Their champorado is topped with root crisps and dried fish to give you that legendary sweet-and-salty combination.

When you’re feeling extra adventurous

manam Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You! Manam22
The ube champorado may look different, but it still packs great taste

When you want to try something new, you can try this twist to a classic Filipino dish. Champorado is usually made with chocolate, but Manam turned your favorite porridge into something different but delectable all the same, with yet another popular Filipino ingredient – the purple yam!  Their Ube Champorado will definitely pique your interest and turn you into a self-confessed ubeholic.

When you want to indulge in the familiar

manam Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You! Manam15
The Tapsilog is no stranger to a great Filipino breakfast

Ask any Pinoy to name top-of-mind breakfast fares and most wouldn’t even waste their breath before saying Tapsilog. This dish can often be found in breakfast menus and if you’re looking for something reminiscent of your mama’s cooking, this is your best bet. Manam will give you that familiar taste you’ve been craving for a while now.

When you’re a dessert lover

manam Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You! Manam45
Sink your teeth into the sweet folds of Manam’s bibingka offerings

There are two kinds of people: those who eat dessert after the main dish and those who consider desserts as their only meal. If you can relate to the latter, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Manam combined two famous Filipino treats: the bibingka and the leche flan. Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, their Bibingka de Leche gives the best of both worlds. If you want something timeless however, they have their Bibingka Galapong of Salted Duck Egg too – definitely one rendition that deserves your attention.

When you don’t want to conform to the norm

manam Different Breakfast Dishes for Different Moods? Manam’s Got You! Manam8
Manam proves that sisig can be a breakfast meal too!

While sisig isn’t usually served as a breakfast fare, Manam is set to redefine your standard for morning meals. Sisig is that kind of dish which you will gladly eat any time of the day, and their House Crispy Sisig is perfect for those who don’t want to limit their breakfast to the usual serving of tapa, eggs, or pancakes. You even have the freedom to choose between garlic brown rice and garlic white rice. For the egg, you can opt to have it made in sunny-side-up or scrambled. Sign us up!

Mornings are just like Manam’s menu. Some days, you’ll carry on with the usual, take your typical route, and order what you’re familiar with. But on some days, you’ll be greeted with an overwhelming sense of adventure and be utterly surprised with what a well-meaning twist can do to amp up your day.

You’d want to wake up early for this! Manam’s breakfast fares is available in their BGC and Greenbelt branches. Need more breakfast eats? Check out Nono’s!