Discover these Secret Off-the-Menu Items From Your Favorite Restaurant

Don’t judge a menu by its cover


Just when you think you’ve tried every single thing on the menu, you’ll discover that there are more secret items to try. Everyone has secrets, and that doesn’t exempt your favorite coffee shop or your go-to ramen place. To satisfy your curiosity, here are 8 off-the-menu items which you never thought these restaurants have.

1. Starbucks


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It seems like this coffee place also has a low-key affinity with the Wizarding World. If you’ve always wondered what a Butterbeer tastes like, then look no further than Starbucks. In order to make the Butterbeer Frappuccino, the barista will start with a Creme Frap base added with caramel syrup and toffee nut syrup. Top it with caramel drizzle and you’re all set! Now you can enjoy a cup in the comfort of your own Muggle world. Starbucks starts with “s’ and has the same colors as Slytherin. Coincidence? We think not.

2. McDonald’s


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 Beef Chicken beef

You asked for meat overload and McDonald’s delivered! The BCB will surprise you with a chicken fillet sandwiched between two 100% pure beef patties. They’re also available as a meal that comes with fries and drink. If that doesn’t make you full, we don’t know what will!

Double Big Mac

Double the fun with the new Double Big Mac. It contains not just one but two 100% pure beef patties. To go along with the patties are pickles, cheese, onions, and lettuce. Like the BCB, you can also order them as a meal with fries and drinks.

3. Jamba Juice


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 Pineapple Dream Machine

Jamba Juice has been a staple for health buffs for a few years now. If you’re one of those people who has tried every flavor in their menu, then here’s a little secret. Your favorite juice bar has this off-the-menu item called Pineapple Dream Machine. It’s a great simple way to spice up your usual JJ order.

4. Tim Hortons


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 So Canadian

Tim Hortons comes from The Great White North, which is why it’s only suitable for them to create a combo called So Canadian. Let your barista know you want it and they’ll get you a pairing of the Original Blend Coffee and the Maple Dip doughnut.

Don’t Be Latte on My Birthday

Birthday parties are fun and the same can be said for this combo. The Don’t Be Latte on My Birthday includes three pieces of Birthday Cake Timbits and an Iced Latte. You definitely wouldn’t want to be late for this one!

5. Mendokoro


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 Ebi Tonkotsu

One of the five secret items of Mendokoro is the Ebi Tonkotsu. Seafood lovers should give this ramen a try because instead of chasu or tamago, it has a seafood lover’s dream prawns, scallops, squids among others. The good news is that this item is available in both branches.

Tantan Mezosoba

If you think Mendokoro’s orignial Tantanmen is not spicy enough, then this is for you. This dry version of tantanmen has ground pork, peanuts on top and a wedge of lemon on the side. This extra hot dish is available in their BGC branch only.

Which secret menu item are you trying out next? Hurry before it runs out! Want to discover more eats? Check out this next story!