5 Dishes that Potterheads and Muggles Will Get to Enjoy at the Yule Ball

We're pretty sure these dishes have gotten the J.K. Rowling seal of approval.


Photography by Karlo Cadang

Patronus Events is at it again! A couple of years ago, they brought the famous Yuletide season ball from the wizarding world of Harry Potter to Manila. Now, they’ve partnered with Plato PH and Privatus to please the Potterheads at heart. So dust off your wands and press your gowns because, on December 14, we’re celebrating the much-awaited Yule Ball all over again.

In order to maximize your experience, Chef AJ Reyes and Master Bartender Mark Anthony Marquez curated a menu that replicates the Wizarding World event. Since the Wizarding World’s story is set in Europe, you can expect a meat-centric array of dishes because people are known to eat meat to keep themselves warm during the winter.

To whet your appetite for the upcoming event, here’s a preview of the magical meals that will be served. Don’t worry! There won’t be any chocolate frogs hopping around.

1Molly’s Magical Meat Pie

Molly’s Magical Pie

In the celebrated HP films, the Weasleys are one of the most hospitable wizard families. Which is why for this year, they will be serving up a handful of Molly’s Magical Meat Pie. This pie has definitely earned Fred and George’s seal of approval!

2Hogwarts Christmas Ham

Hogwarts Christmas Ham

In every feast, there is always a centerpiece and the dish that steals the spotlight is the Hogwarts Christmas Ham. When you’re here, make sure to grab a spoonful of this treat. This large chunk of meat will make you want to eat like a troll.

3Hogsmeade Butterbeer

Hogsmeade Butterbeer

The Butterbeer is one of the most famous beverages in the Potter world. Even the folks at Starbucks once had their own take of the drink. If you’ve been out and about still searching for it, you should definitely try out Privatus’ Master Bartender and Mixologist Mark Anthony Marquez’s amazing version.

4Hogwarts Cupcakes

Hogswarts Cupcake

Are you a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Slytherin, or a Ravenclaw? The lifelong debate between Potterheads is which house is deemed the best. Granted, these special desserts will definitely bring everyone together. Go grab your own house’s cupcake (or maybe even the house you secretly want to transfer to), and be proud. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even have a competition where whoever eats the most cupcakes gets extra house points.

5Cauldron Soup

Cauldron Soup

Early in the feast, you’ll find a cauldron. No, it doesn’t contain polyjuice potion, but it does contain a soup which you can experiment with. You can craft your own concoction and mix it with condiments like cheese, vegetables, just like you would in Potions Class. Make professor Snape proud and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Go ahead and uncage your owls and send a copy of the invitation to your friends.

The Yule Ball 2018 will be held on December 14 at La Castellana, 670 Beatrio st. Intramuros, Manila city. Hurry up and register because the first 100 registrants will get a special rate of Php1800, while regular rate will be Php1950.