Don’t Ignore These 5 Non-Specialty Eats From Your Favorite Restaurants

Here’s some other options aside from your default faves and bestsellers


Restaurants typically have their own strengths and specialties, which is why patrons usually  go for the grub they’re best known for. But that doesn’t mean that restaurants can’t excel in other feats. If you’ve tried most of their specialty food items, then it wouldn’t hurt to try their other non-specialty offerings. Here are 5 of those eats you’ll soon be putting on your default tabs as well.

  1. Ippudo’s pork bun


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While it’s unusual for someone to not eat ramen in a ramen bar, their pork buns are worthy of your attention. This all-time favorite is a masterpiece of juicy braised pork belly drenched in Ippudo’s original sauce, and is then sandwiched by a fluffy steamed bun. A bun or two is enough to make you feel full but if you still can’t get enough, you can have these delights as an appetizer before having a bowl of ramen.

Ippudo has various branches around Metro Manila

  1. Pancake House’s pan-fried chicken


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With its name, you’d think that the only thing they serve at Pancake House are pancakes and waffles. However, that’s really far from the truth. In case you’ve been living under a cave all this time, a lot of people also rave about their pan-fried chicken. Some would even include it in their best fried chicken list of all time. Who could blame them? Just one look at its golden crispy skin has the power to make anyone drool in an instant.

Pancake House has various branches around the Philippines

  1. Bad Bird’s Sweet Potato Waffles


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Bad Bird has come a long way from their early days at Hole In The Wall. Although they were originally known for their spicy fried chicken that boasts a thunderous crunch, their waffles have finally come into the spotlight. A fan-favorite by far would be their sweet potato waffles which comes with miso butter and waffle syrup. This you can opt to eat by itself or pair with their stunning fried chicken.

Bad Bird has various branches around Metro Manila

  1. 8 Cuts Burgers’ Wings


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One of the newest items in 8 Cuts Burgers’ menu are the wings, and we just can’t help but feel so grateful for the new offer. Whatever your wings mood, they’ll have you covered, as theirs come in 8 different flavors – Good Ol’ Hot Fried, Them Buffalo, Garlic Parm, Spiced K-Pop, Smok’n BBQ, Big Cheese, Truffle Honey, and Dear Rosemary. We know a new cult fave when we see one.

8 Cuts has various branches around Metro Manila

  1. Trufa’s Cocas


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Trufa is making a timely move away from their usual pasta fares with their take on the Cocas. This Spanish pizza comes in two mouthwatering flavors – the de Trufa (mushroom and truffle) and the de Carne (tomato and chorizo). You’ll have a hard time deciding which one to get because both of them taste divine. Don’t miss out! Make sure to drop by their Salcedo branch if you want to get a taste.

Trufa’s Salcedo branch is located at G/F Paseo Parkview Suites Tower, 142 Valero corner Sedeno Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Which non-specialty dish from your favorite restaurant are you trying out next? If you’re looking for more eat recommendations, check this out!