Eat your feelings this Valentine’s Day with these ‘hugot’ ice cream flavors


Known for their witty and often “hugot”-filled flavors, Sebastian’s Ice Cream has been a long-time favorite for foodies.

This year for Valentine’s Day, their heart(break) day classics are coming back. And like actual lovers: some stayed the same, some changed for the better.

Unresolved Issues

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Sebastian’s Ice Cream Unresolved Issues

Since its conception in 2016, every year Unresolved Issues returns unchanged. It’s still the same old bitter melon sorbet with candied ampalaya bits that you know and love. “This Bitter Melon sorbet is the embodiment of being unable to move on: never changing, never moving forward, even the price is still unchanged from when it first debuted,” Sebastian’s wrote on Facebook.


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Sebastian’s Ice Cream Closure

Every year, Closure gets better and better. For 2020, it’s “Genmaicha Tea Ice Cream made with Japanese Green Tea leaves and popped roasted brown rice”. According to the love guru-slash-ice cream makers at Sebastians, this flavor is for you “if you [are] looking for healing and wellness from a broken heart”. After all, you need good Closure after experiencing heartbreak.

Matinong Girlfriend

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Sebastian’s Ice Cream Matinong Girlfriend

Sebastian’s went viral when they released these two delicious – and shall we say, sought-after – flavors. They say Matinong Girlfriend has their “most experimental ingredient to date”, which is chocolate-covered chicharon. Like tons of other stuff improved by the addition of chocolate, covering the chicharon in chocolate helped maintain its crunchiness despite being mixed into their signature dark chocolate ice cream with roasted cocoa nibs. This is a salty and bittersweet concoction that bears its name with pride.

Matinong Boyfriend

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Sebastian’s Ice Cream Matinong Boyfriend

Aptly named Matinong Boyfriend, this original variant is made with two of the best things that you can put inside your mouth: dulce de leche ice cream and strawberry sorbet. Since it was introduced in 2016, it became part of Sebastian’s regular offers as Dulce de Leche con Fresa.

Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Valentines Day Series is available starting February 1, 2020 at The Podium, Ayala Malls Vertis North, and Regis Center Katipunan.