English Tea Shop Will Revive Your Love For Afternoon Tea Sessions

We've got the lowdown on your soon-to-be guilTEA pleasure

Cup of tea, anyone?

Afternoon tea has always been a quintessential British pastime that’s become embedded in the nation’s culture for centuries. Fortunately, tea time has transcended royalty and luxury to become part of just about anyone’s ritual to unwind. And our shores are no stranger to the growing fascination with this hot cuppa. Now, we have more reasons to round up the amigas for a dainty brunch with the launch of U.K.’s favorite organic tea brand, English Tea Shop.

tea English Tea Shop Will Revive Your Love For Afternoon Tea Sessions DSC02465
Would you look at that pretty packaging

Their certified organic, non-GMO tea is perfect for health buffs and tea fanatics alike. Imagine over 130 variants to suit your fancy and your every mood. They’ve got an assortment of heart-warming herbal teas and tisanes to boot, from Super Berries to Green Tea Pomegranate to Ginger Honey. If you’re not so sure on what to try first, you can start with their organic variety packs that contain both herb infusions and fruit infusions, with each box containing four different flavors.

tea English Tea Shop Will Revive Your Love For Afternoon Tea Sessions DSC02462
Over 130 variants to suit your fancy

The best part? A hot cup of ETS’ brews will not only assure you of a hearty refreshing blend that can help regain your focus after a tiring day, you’re even given a noteworthy role in championing sustainability. “Finding opportunities for growth and sustainable development is the heart and soul of English Tea Shop. The love, care, change ethos of the company is a statement that sustainability and growth do mix,” shares English Tea Shop Founder and CEO ,Suranga Herath.

So, what are you waiting for? Spend your afternoons like the royals do. The time is now for you to sip your brew and savor the moment!  

English Tea Shop is represented in the Philippines by Clever Cats International Company and exclusively available in most Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit www.ettsteas.co.uk. For inquiries, email info@CleverCatsIntl.com.