Enjoy a Soft-Serve Version of Melona at Black Scoop Cafe

Take your love for K-food a step further


This fun and quirky ice cream parlor really knows just how to tickle the taste buds of many. Just a few weeks ago, they released two ice cream flavors – the White Rabbit and the Yakult – which caught a lot of foodies’ attention. But it seems like they still have a lot of tricks up their sleeve with their newest offering – a Melona-inspired soft-serve ice cream.

Black Scoop Cafe’s Honeydew Swirl (Php120) is inspired by the fruity Korean ice cream bar. Hurry Better hurry because it will be available for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance and take your love for K-food a step further by trying this out!

Black Scoop Cafe has various branches around Metro Manila