Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019


Food trends, like fashion, transform and change into something entirely new on the regular. It’s no wonder that people are always in search of new flavors whether to enjoy or grow into a business. Recognizing the perpetual love affair that individuals have with food, the highly anticipated Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) returns with another ultimate foodventure that will surely serve up another exciting gastronomic extravaganza.

mafbex Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019 Find out more FB products and services all under one venue at Manila Foods and Beverages Expo 2019

Now on its 13th year, MAFBEX invites foodies and industry professionals to “Experience the Fusion” that the Philippine F&B industry has to offer. Inspired by the idea that food innovations, no matter how fresh and novel they may seem, are often the result of adopting new approaches to tried and tested classics or well-loved favorites, this year’s MAFBEX seeks to highlight the importance of being open to change as well as the value of new perspectives. This applies not just to the local F&B community’s outlook towards food itself but also in terms of business opportunities.

With this key objective in mind, taking center stage at this year’s MAFBEX are not only a substantial array of F&B products and services that embody the future of food but also ones that will help F&B businesses elevate and enhance their processes. This is evidenced by the product lines of this year’s exhibitors which will include POS systems, franchises, food equipment, packaging, and raw materials.

mafbex Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019 MAFBEX returns to fuse food innovations and business opportunities

Indeed, Eugene Yap, President of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, captured it best when he stated that “MAFBEX will surely provide an ideal avenue of the latest innovations and networking opportunities between food ingredients providers, suppliers, and local processors.’’

mafbex Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019 Get ready for more world class products and services presented by local and international companies at MAFBEX 2019

But more than just about the products and services, distinct to MAFBEX are other show components that focus on nurturing development and knowledge-building among its community of professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring players alike. As such, visitors of this year’s MAFBEX can expect the return of the show’s signature event highlights such as live cook-offs and products demonstrations that all aim to provide attendees with an immersive food show experience.

mafbex Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019 Cultivate the potential of the Philippine FB industry through various seminars offered by MAFBEX 2019

Very much in line with the show’s theme of fueling innovation, visitors are also encouraged to watch out for MAFBEX Seminars. Free of charge and open to all, among the topics to be presented at this year’s seminars include “Kitchen Innovation through Diversity and Inclusion’’ by Chef Jester Arellano, “Evolution of Fusion Cuisine: A Breakthrough In Nutrition Trends for Millennials”, and “How to Open a Coffee Shop” by Ms. Ros Juan.

mafbex Experience the Fusion of Food Innovation and Business at MAFBEX 2019 Discover more business opportunities in the FB industry at the 13th edition of MAFBEX 2019

More than ever, MAFBEX bears a strong commitment to empower the local F&B industry by setting the stage for promising B2B connections marked by the fusion of various forces and bold new concepts and ideas. On his impression about MAFBEX’s longstanding devotion to the local F&B industry, Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol remarked, “For more than a decade,  MAFBEX has become a major venue for Filipino and foreign food industry players to showcase their world-class products and state-of-the-art technologies and services, with the aim of clinching new partnerships and clients, expanding both domestic and export sales, and creating a wider global footprint.”

More than just a food show, MAFBEX is truly at the center of cultivating the potential of the Philippine F&B industry. The 13th Manila Food and Beverage Expo or MAFBEX 2019 is happening on June 12 to 16, from 10am to 8pm at the World Trade Center Manila. Tickets are priced at P100. For more information, follow @mafbex on Facebook and @mafbex.ph on Instagram.