Foodie Kris Kringle: Something Worth Snacking

These eats are just out here, looking (and tasting) like a fine snack


They say that an average diet should consist of three meals a day. But for Filipinos, it’s more than that – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and countless snacks. We love snacking when watching movies, when the clock strikes midnight, or even when we’re just idle. In honor of that favorite pastime, here are five gifts you can give that are worth snacking.


1Barks and Jars

Barks and Jars

If you’ve always wanted to eat a spoonful of cookie dough while your mom’s baking, then here’s something for you. Barks and Jars are all about  edible cookie doughs, brownies, and cookies. This Christmas season, they’re releasing their Holiday Boxes which you can give away. Their selection starts with the Dasher Box (Php150) which contains 10 pieces of cookies. If you’re feeling extra generous, take a look at their Rudolph Box (Php600), which contains 3 Cookie Dough Jars, 3 cookie dough stuffed oreos, and 3 brownie batter stuffed oreos.  

Barks and Jars is available at La Local, Taft Ave., Manila

2Take Root

Take Root

Yet another blessing for health nuts, Take Root takes pride in their junk-free snacks made from nutritious ingredients. They also take good care of curating their products to suit your needs. Among the collections you can choose from are The Chocolate Collection (Php390) for the chocoholics, The Vegan Collection (Php520) for the meat-free, and The Gluten-Free Collection (Php740) for those who are cautious of allergens. These are already packed in a box that comes with a special red ribbon. You can also opt to go with just a pack of their famous kale chips that come in 6 lovely flavors for Php220 each or a single Granola Holiday Jar that can make anyone’s day at Php 190.

For orders, visit their website at or shoot them an email at

3 Mama Empanada

Mama Empanada

What’s special about Mama Empanada is that their family recipe has been passed down through 3 generations of moms since 1979. How cool is that? Only something really good can last that long. Their Empanadas also come in different flavors: Classic Chicken, Sriracha Chicken, Italian Sausage, Sirloin Beef, and Herbed Tuna. You’re sure to find something for everyone here. The folks at Mama Empanada are even kind enough to deliver it straight to your loved ones’ doorsteps.

For orders, you can visit their Instagram page @mamaempanada



There’s a reason why THC (truly home-made chips) sounds a lot like TLC (tender, love, and care). One bite from these chips will make you realize that these truly are home-made and created with love. Their chips come in flavors like BBQ, Salted Egg, Plain Salted, Cheddar, and Sour Cream among many others — the flavors we love in our chips, it’s almost like they read our minds. These heft packed goodies range from Php150 to Php360. You can even custom make your own basket while you’re at it. What are you waiting for? Send over a bag or maybe even all of it to your friends!

For orders and more information, you can visit their Instagram page @thchips



What better way to start your day than snacking on Wit’s Granola Bars? These homemade treats from are made from a family-grown cacao from Davao, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. You can choose from a wide array of flavors like Original, Zesty, or Tangy. Their Granola Samplers are affordable at Php600 for four 125 gram packs and Php400 for four 60 gram packs. On the other hand, the Cacao Nib Samplers go for Php500 for three 100 gram packs and Php280 for three 50 gram packs. Your friends will truly appreciate the energy boost from these bars.

For orders, you can visit their website

Which of these are you plaaning to order for your gifts perfect for snacking? For more Foodie Kris Kringle options, check out this link