Artwork by Kiel Vasquez

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges people have to face is maintaining a proper diet. It seems impossible to eat just three times a day when delicious fares are in every corner of the city. However, maintaining a diet doesn’t necessarily mean eating less. Sometimes, all you have to do is to replace the bad food intake with the good ones. In order to help you with your New Year’s fitness resolution, we at the Breakfast HQ round up the types of food which do your body some proper justice.

1Build those muscles

When you’re trying to sculpt those abs and biceps in the gym, you’ll notice how the trainers emphasize on consumption of sufficient protein. This essential nutrient is an important building block of bones, muscles, and cartilage. Thus, it’s what helps our body achieve those coveted guns and washboards. Lucky you, food such as salmon, peanut butter, and lean meat are all rich in protein, so the next time you’re having lunch, don’t feel too guilty having an extra order of salmon sashimi.

2Lose that spare tire

Some might become conscious to consider eating even a single calorie when trying to melt fat. But we bet you’ll be eager to put these in your mouth once you realize that these have fat-burning powers that can scare the bad fats away. Almonds, green tea, and chili peppers are among those that have been reported to rev up metabolism and aid in weight loss.

3For that energy boost

If you’ve finally decided to lay off all those energy drinks, here are some substitutes. A piece of dark chocolate contains theoromine, a natural stimulant similar to caffeine which helps boost energy. And of course, who could forget the brown rice? While white rice is the more common choice, switching to brown rice is recommended because it manages insulin secretion. This just means you’ll run on a consistent supply of energy which can last you throughout the entire day.

4Time for a detox?

There are times when you’ll feel like you’ve eaten too much unhealthy food. To cleanse that poor liver of yours, you’ll be needing these superfood combos to set you back on the right track. Beets and garlic are both known for activating the liver detox enzymes. These enzymes help in breaking down toxins in your system. Some other food we detox capabilities that you should look out for are apples, walnuts, and broccoli.  

5Get stronger bones

Remember those milk commercials where the parent usually convinces their kid to consume it for stronger bones? Well, they’re not wrong. Milk is a great source of calcium which helps bones become even stronger, and yes, even for adults. Do note that full cream milk has a high fat content, so you’re better off with either non-fat or low-fat milk if you’re watching your diet. Aside from milk, yogurt and soy beverages can also help supply you with your daily quota of calcium needs.

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