5 Hole-In-The-Wall Eats We Love

Big thanks to the people who stumbled upon these gems and spread the word

Artwork by Gian Ferrer

Good things (in this case, food) come to those who seek. While there are a lot of restaurants which are more convenient to visit, there are still a good number of great restaurants that are either nondescript or not so visible in plain sight. This summer, we dare you to get out of your comfort zones and visit something different. These hole-in-the-wall eats we at the Breakfast HQ rounded up is a delectable mix of the old and the new.



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This now Yakitori joint and bar was once a sari-sari store in the hidden streets of Makati. Its name came from the word “Tambay” which means hangout in Filipino so you’re sure you and your friends can enjoy a “chill-numan” session here. Their specialty, which is the Yakitori, is available in different variants – Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, and US Pork among others. Whether you’re here to spend the whole night or you just dropped by for a pre-game before the party, Tambai has never failed being a foolproof go-to “tambay” place.

Tambai is located at 5779 Felipe Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati

The Odd Seoul


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This soju bar hidden within a Korean restaurant may be a bit more difficult to find than the others on the list but it’s totally worth it. We’ll tell you a secret – just push the Soju bottle near the painting to open the secret door. They have all kinds of Korean-inspired alcohol like Soju Shooters and Gaja Bomb among many other selections. Their free Soju during midnights along with the modern Gangnam-style beats will be more than enough to make you stay the entire evening.

The Odd Seoul is located inside Gaja Korean Kitchen 2nd Fl Zentro Bldg, Kalayaan Ave, Makati, Metro Manila



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Many true blue Makati locals claim that this hidden gem serves the best unagi in town. Just like many other Japanese restaurants, they specialize in one thing and they do it best. From Unajyu Jo (grilled fine eel with rice) to Tanzaku Wasabi (Skewered eel with wasabi), they’ve got all the eats for seafood lovers. You know where to go to if you’re craving for eel.

Unakichi is located at 1229, 150 Amorsolo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila



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They may be located inside a literal eskinita but they’re far from being an ordinary carinderia. Get ready to rediscover your favorite Filipino dishes as this new hidden gem along Poblacion gives an updated spin to time-tested favorites like the Kare Kare, Sisig, and Kilawin among many others. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to discover what it means to eat in a modern carinderia crafted by Chef Rob Pengson.

Esqinita is located at 4988, 1209 P. Guanzon, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

Hummus Elijah


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Mediterranean fare should definitely not be missed and Hummus Elijah is one of the few diners that get the cuisine on point. Satisfy your cravings with this restaurant’s different kinds of Hummus like the Hummus Elijah with Egg and Hummus Elijah with Faba Beans among a wide selection. Aside from their bestselling specialties, they also serve other classic Mediterranean dishes like the Shakshuka, Falafel, and Burekas.

Hummus Elijah is located at 2/F 7850 Makati Ave, Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Which of these hole-in-the-walls have you already visited? For more eats suggestions to head to, check out our Maginhawa Innovators story next!