ICYMI: Drool Over These Netflix Shows That Will Get You On the Food Appreciation Train

Bring your culinary game to the small screen

Artwork by Gian Ferrer

Sun’s out and now that the Metro is once again getting broiled with a 42 degrees Celsius temperature, it’s no wonder that some would opt to stay in. For those days when you just want to turn the air-conditioner on the highest temp and binge good television, we listed three shows you can glue your eyes and taste buds on. Go ahead and grab your popcorn as you tune in to these 3 food-centric Netflix shows!

1. Food Wars Returns (Hopefully) this Summer

Summer is just about to get better with the new episodes of Food Wars. While there is still no final date for the release of the fourth season, the speculations say that it will be this summer. As for the plot, the tale will continue on after the promotion exams of Soma Yukihira. After the cliff-hanger ending of the previous season finale, Otakus should only wait a little more before they satisfy their curiosity.

2. Catch Up On Chef’s Table’s Newest Season

Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest season of this Emmy-nominated gastronomic docu- series. Like the previous seasons, its 6th run will pique your interests in redefining gourmet food. The show continues to be more inclusive and diverse by featuring chefs from different cultures and backgrounds. The new season features Mashama Bailey, Dario Cecchini, Asma Khan, and Sean Brock. That’s almost four hours of new learnings and great food!

3. Award-winning Book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Now Has a TV Adaptation

This docu-series on Netflix is based on the book with the same name. The four-part show is all about Samin Nosrat’s proposed four elements of successful cooking namely salt, fat, acid, and heat. In each episode, they focus on one of the four elements to discuss it thoroughly and demonstrate how it’s used in cooking. If you haven’t read and watched it yet, now is the time to start.

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