ICYMI: An Exciting Culinary Week Is Up Ahead, Pedro Brew and Yardstick Are Brewing Something New, and Cocina Peruvia Sets Up Shop At The Podium

Start your month right by ticking these off on your bucket list!


August has just begun and if you’ve been wanting to try new and exciting things for this month, we’ve rounded up a few things you can tick off of your bucket list. Get ready to spend a week learning more about a foreign cuisine, grab a bottle of Pedro Brew and Yardstick’s new creation, and give Peruvian cuisine a try. It’s just the first week of August but things are already heating up.

1. Discover European Cuisine at this week-long event

A finer appreciation of European cuisine is underway!

If you’re fascinated by European cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Mark your calendars on September 10-16 for European Culinary Week when the Manila leg of the weeklong event happens at the newly opened Grand Hyatt Manila in BGC. You can expect to see the European Culinary GI Lunch and Exhibit which will showcase European products and Culinaria, where 14 award-winning chefs is set to amaze under one roof in one open kitchen. This event will surely beef up your knowledge and amp up your appreciation for European cuisine.

Check out Grand Hyatt’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/grandhyattmanilaph/ and EU PH’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EPBN.ph/?ref=br_rs for event booking details.

2. Pedro Brew and Yardstick team up for a new beer brew

Who knew coffee and beer would make a great pair?

As we all know, coffee and beer belong to the opposite ends of the spectrum. While coffee is usually consumed before starting a busy day at the office, a beer signals the end of a tiresome week. Pedro Brew and Yardstick have teamed up to merge an unexpected pair with their Space Out Coffee Stout. It’s made with Yardstick’s Golden Ticket blend, brewed to a tee by Pedro’s brewmaster. On the first sip, you’re bound to get bold yet refined flavors, with the coffee and sweet dates lingering in your tastebuds. We dare say it, who says you can’t have beer in the morning, or coffee in the evening?

You can enjoy a bottle or two in the following branches: Alamat Filipino Pub, The Bottle Shop BGC, Spektral Craft Beer Lounge, Cartel Deli, and Yardstick Coffee.

3. Cocina Peruvia will introduce you to the flavors of Peru at their new branch

You can now get a taste of Peruvian cuisine at The Podium

Have you been wanting to try out different flavors and cuisines but can’t seem to veer from our local flavors? Why not try dishes from Peru? Due to its Spanish origins, Peruvian dishes have a few similarities with our very own cuisine. Cocina Peruvia is one restaurant that will give you a great introduction to their dishes and they just recently opened a new branch at The Podium. If you want something familiar, you can try the Adobo Peruvia; but if you want to try something new on their menu, the Chifa Kale and the Chopseuy De Peruano will meet your needs. Go ahead and visit Cocina Peruvia. Your adventurous taste buds will thank you.

Cocina Peruvia has multiple branches in Metro Manila.