ICYMI: We Have Three Great Deals for Potato Lovers

Because potato is the ultimate comfort food


French fries, mashed potato, mojos, etc. There’s no denying that potato is responsible for many of the addicting comfort food we’re enjoying right now. To honor the so-called “ultimate wonder food”, we curated three interesting potato-themed fares. Read on to know how to enjoy your favorite comfort food in different ways.

1Keep your eyes on the fries with Potato Corner’s new app

Who would have thought that playing video games can get you free food? Last month, your favorite french fries stall released a mobile app called Potato Corner Craze. If you played Diner Dash as a kid, then you’ll quickly get the hang of this game. The goal is to serve the customers their fries and for every 5 successful orders, you’ll get 1 coin. Once you win 179 coins, you can now exchange them for a serving of Giga Fries. It’s time to get your game face on!

Potato Corner has various branches around the Philippines

2Shakey’s Supercard holders are in for a surprise


Shakey’s never fails to make their patrons feel special. Every weekday from November 13 to November 23, you can get their most coveted Chicken and Mojos at 40 percent off the price. All you have to do is just dine in at any Shakey’s branch in the Philippines and show your Supercard. So invite the whole squad over! Nothing beats a hot fresh batch of Mojos after a long day from work.

Shakey’s has various branches around the Philippines

3McDonald’s Medium Fries Now Costs Less

Some will argue that the crispy golden goodness that is McDonald’s Fries is the best in the world. Whether you agree or not, it’s still a given that the famous fast food chain did us all a favor by making them more affordable. Since the last week of October, their Medium Fries can be had for only Php50. What a deal! If you’ve been looking for a sign to reward yourself, here it is.

McDonald’s has various branches around the Philippines