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It sure looks like the milk tea craze has successfully resurrected and enjoyed a second life. Here are more diners with their new milk tea line-up and everything boba newsworthy in between.

1. McDonald’s Hops On the Milk Tea Train


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The milk tea craze continues to spread like wildfire that even this fast-food giant hopped in. Their version of the popular drink comes in two flavors – the Classic and the Wintermelon – and is cheaper than your average milk tea. It costs only Php49 for the regular size and Php65 for the large. What’s more exciting is that you can opt to add a soft-serve ice cream on top for only an additional cost of Php25. We’re guessing they’re calling it the McMilktea.

McDonald’s has various branches around the Philippines

2. Tim Horton’s New Milk Tea is Your New Go-to Drink


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Your favorite coffee chain refuses to finish last which is why they’re now offering Milk Tea. Their take on the beverage is slightly different as it consists of black tea, vanilla-sweetened milk, sugar, and coffee jelly. You can even customize it further by adding a shot of either Caramel or Hazelnut syrup for only Php25. It comes in three different sizes – small (Php 110), medium (Php125), and large (Php 135), so get ready to drink up. We bet it would go well with a box of doughnuts.

The milk tea is available at selected Tim Hortons branches

3. Celebrate Your Love for Milk Tea at the Boba Fest


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If you still can’t get enough of the popular beverage then this event should be on your calendar. This weekend, get ready to satisfy your taste buds at the Boba Fest 2019. Presented by The Mercato Centrale Group in partnership with Ortigas & Company, the first ever Milk Tea Festival in Metro Manila will be held on May 25 to 26 at VMall Greenhills. The 2-day event will feature local milk tea brands with their own specialty flavors. So give your friends a call and don’t miss out on this exciting event.

The Boba Fest 2019 will be held at VMall, Greenhills, San Juan City. Want to check out our news last week? We’ve got you!