ICYMI: Three New Ice Cream Treats You Have To Try For The Weekend


We all know that iconic yellow cart with colorful words painted on it – the Dirty Ice Cream. And at one point in our lives, we got excited over the sound of its bell, a sign that the ice cream man is nearing. To feed your nostalgia, here are some local ice cream fares which you can enjoy this weekend. They may not be exactly Dirty Ice Cream, but they still capture the Pinoy flavors that you’re looking for.

1. The Lost Bread opens new soft-serve ice cream bar


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To some, a four-leafed clover is synonymous with good luck. But for those in the Metro, one cloverleaf – a mall, that is – is enough to make one jump for joy. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth because The Lost Bread celebrated just opened their first ever soft-serve ice cream bar at the Ayala Cloverleaf Mall. More reasons to get lost and visit the north!

The Lost Bread Soft Serve Bar is located at Ayala Cloverleaf Mall

2. Enjoy pastillas in different ways at Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio


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Sebastian’s Ice Cream caught our attention when they released a Valentine’s Day lineup of flavors like Matinong Girlfriend, Unresolved Issues, and Closure. But it seems like this ice cream parlor still has a lot of tricks on their sleeves because this month, they’re releasing new ice cream flavors that are close to Pinoys’ hearts – the Pastillas. Their Pastillas-themed roster includes the Peanut Butter Pastillas, the Matcha Pastillas, the Birthday Cake Pastillas, and the Nutella Pastillas. These new flavors are available only at their Vertis North and Regis branches so don’t forget to try them all!

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio has various branches around Metro Manila

3. Magnolia infuses Filipino-favorites into their ice cream


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The famous ice cream brand released yet a new array of exciting ice cream flavors. This time, their Premium Collection is inspired by Filipino treats. Patrons can choose from the following flavors: Avocado, Pastillas, and Kesong Puti. To make it even more Pinoy, the ice cream flavors were made creamier with Carabao milk instead of the usual milk. Make sure to stock your fridge with a flavor or two of Magnolia’s new Ice Cream Collection.

For more information, check out Magnolia’s Instagram: @magnoliaicecreamph