ICYMI Special Report: 5 Food Trends Expected to Take 2019 Afresh

New year, new gastronomy


Can you believe we just rang in the new year? While we were all busy reminiscing on the year that was and making vision boards for 2019, popular lifestyle app, Pinterest has released a list of their highly anticipated food trend predictions that will rock this year. All of these backed up of course by the significant increase in search count, or what peaked the general populace’s interest in all things gastronomy. Ready for the full consensus? Take a look!

1. Oat Milk


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It looks like milk will never be out of style in the dining table. There’s no denying that people love their dairy. This year however, it’s looking bright on the oats side of things as more and more people are looking for healthier alternatives to their favorites. We can’t wait for the day oat milk is made available on a bigger scale! When you do find one at your local supermarket, we suggest you pair it with this lovely breakfast dish.

2. Oxtail


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In an unexpected turn of events, oxtail has been steadily stealing the hearts of many. Why wouldn’t it? This savory dish can be reinvented multiple times in many different ways. After all, versatility pays off big time in the grand scheme of things. While we’re at it, go ahead and make this Oxtail Barbacua recipe to get on the oxtail train.

3. Grazing tables


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The craze for grazing tables is not a new one, and it looks like it’s here to stay, picking up where it left off from previous years. By definition, a grazing table is an array of pica-pica snacks, cold cuts, appetizers, and what have you. It’s perfect for whenever you feel like throwing a family reunion dinner or a simple get-together with friends. If you find yourself planning to have one at your next party, make sure to include this.

4. Mushroom


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Shrooms have always been a welcome ingredient in the kitchen for its ability to transform into many delectable dishes. It could be a creamy soup or a healthy appetizer. It could even be the star of the show as a main dish (a perfect substitute for meat), and yes, some chefs are even putting it as a component in desserts and drinks. If you’ve been meaning to go on a mushroom-inspired food run, head on over to Trufa for their lovely take on Truffle Pasta.

5. Sourdough bread


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Bread baking has taken the turn for the better, as more and more home bakers are taking an interest in making their own breads from scratch. Specifically, fermented loaves like sourdough have been a popular search. Sure, it might involve a rigorous process but the end result – a loaf that’s warm and soft on the inside and packing on a fresh crunch on the outside – reaps rewards. Head on over to Panaderya by Toyo (a part of our 10 Restaurants That Got Tongues Wagging in 2018 list) to get your fill.

Which food trend are you excited to hop on? Let us know in the comments below!