ICYMI: 3 Ways To Spend Less And Get More Food

More food for less money? Sign us up!


You know you’re starting to become a full-fledged adult when you start getting excited over restaurant discount coupons. If you haven’t had that feeling, now’s a good time to check it out because discounts have been sprouting here and there. Below are three of the bang-for-your-buck memberships you can apply to for another year filled with great food.

1. The Moment Card


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 If you’re a big fan of 8 Cuts, Din Tai Fung, or Mo Cookies, then here’s good news for you! The Moment Group just launched their new Moment Card. For only Php1000, holders can get a Php500 discount coupon, 10-20% discount for a minimum spend of Php500 at participating restaurants, and exclusive rewards. It’s about time to fill another card slot in your wallet.

The Moment Card is available at 8 Cuts, Manam, Ooma, Din Tai Fung, Phat Pho, and Shawa Wama, and The Mess Hall.

2. Zomato Gold


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The famous app for foodies is surely moving forward with their new Zomato Gold feature. As a member, you’ll get the perks of getting a complimentary dish from their food partners and up to two complimentary drinks from their drinks partners. You can either apply for a 6-month(Php500) or a one-year membership (Php700). Zomato sure knows how to take us hungry folk seriously!

For more info and to apply as a member, visit their website www.zomato.com/gold

3. Big Dish PH


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If having a 50% discount sounds too good to be true, then you wouldn’t believe it when we tell you that you can have it for free! Yes, you read that right. Big Dish is free to use. Just choose among their wide selection of restaurants, pick a time, book a reservation on the app, and voila. You can have as much as 50% discount on all food items on the menu. You get to save money while avoiding having to wait for a seat. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!

For more information, visit https://bigdish.ph/

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