Ippudo just reinvented their ramen options and it’s next level delish

New treats at Ippudo

They say you can’t improve perfection but world famous ramen restaurant Ippudo just made it happen.

The ramen chain just launched the latest addition to their menu: the Torched Chashu Ramen. They say this new variant is a “reinvention driven by tradition, passion for craft and innovation, and expertise in ramen” while staying “true to [its] roots of original Hakata-style ramen.”

This new bowl of ramen features a hefty slice of glistening chashu (braised pork belly) that’s been slow-cooked and marinated for 34 hours until fork-tender. Not to mention the 15-hour long process to get the broth to the perfect flavor and consistency. The sweet and savory flavor of the chashu is made even better with a hint of smokiness after being torched. This combo elevates the entire ramen experience from good to absolutely amazing.

Diners can enjoy Ippudo’s signature bowls of Shiromaru Special, Akamaru Special, Yokohama Iekei, Mushroom Ramen, and Karaka Special with the torched chashu.

Don’t forget to order Ippudo’s equally famous Pork Bun to complete your Michelin Star-worthy ramen experience.

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