Stock up on these ready-to-fry Brie Fritters to satisfy your cheesiest cravings anytime

La Petite Fromagerie Brie Fritters

From the genius that brought you Camem-beer Spread (Camembert cheese mixed with Belgian beer) and TnT Cheese Spread (cheese spread with Puro taba ng talangka a.k.a. sinfully delicious crab fat) comes another cheesy treat that’s going to be impossible to resist!

Catering service and over-all cheese dream fulfiller La Petite Fromagerie just launched Frozen Brie Fritters: frozen chunks of Brie cheese perfectly coated with crunchy bread crumbs.

These babies are ready to fry anytime. Just throw ’em in a deep fryer or air fryer — no need to thaw, according to La Petite Fromagerie (LPF) “commander-in-cheese” Chef Karla Reyes.

It’s perfect as a hot appetizer, afternoon or movie snack, or even as an indulgent crouton alternative for salads. Make sure to pair it with luscious truffle honey, which is also available from LPF.

These Frozen Brie Fritters are available at for P360 for a pack of 12 fritters.