The Lost Bread’s New Ice Cream is Guilt-Free

It’s ice cream minus the unhealthy stuff

Photo from The Lost Bread

A few days ago, one of our favorite ice cream parlors teased us with a new flavor announcement. They claimed that a new healthy indulgence is mixing at The Lost Bread HQ. A few bet their money on Frozen Yogurt while others swore on Skimmed Ice Cream. But they sure kept us on our toes because they didn’t reveal it until just an hour ago.


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If you guessed that it’s a vegan version of your favorite dessert, you guessed right! They just released their new Acai Strawberry soft serve 100% Vegan Ice Cream. It’s a grand combination of all the good stuff – acai berries, strawberries, and soymilk. They even have a special promo for all the ladies for all Wednesdays of March! What are you waiting for? Round up your health-conscious friends and head over to the nearest branch. As the folks over at The Lost Bread said: “We promise, healthy has never tasted this good!”

The Lost Bread has various branches around Metro Manila