Make Your Personalized Food Gifts More Memorable With These Tips

It’s time to be your own Santa Claus this year


Deciding on what gift to give is indeed a daunting task.Everyone has their own idea of a perfect gift, but you know what’s always foolproof? Definitely, good. It‘s one of the things that you’re certain the whole lot will love, which is why we rounded up a few tips from Sweet Success’ Marjorie Tong on how to give out personalized gifts for all the gourmands in your life.

1Know what the receiver wants

One of the first steps to becoming a great gift giver is by having an idea of what your recipient wants. If he is the kind that loves watching movies with the family, perhaps you can curate a food box that contains common movie snacks like popcorn or candies. Or if they’re vegetarian, you should be more careful to not include meat. After all, you wouldn’t want them to end up giving it away.

2Don’t forget to check the expiration date

One thing people often overlook is the expiration date. Christmas is a time of giving (and receiving lots of food) so unless you have a bottomless stomach, you won’t really get to eat everything right away. Which is why it is more reasonable to give out food gifts that have a longer shelf life to avoid spoilage. Before taking your groceries to the cashier, don’t forget to take a look at the tag that says “expiration date.”

3Make it extra special

Add a special touch to your presents

There’s no mistaking that people will always have a spot spot for food. The food in itself is special enough, but you can make it even more special by adding a personal touch to it. For example, you can opt to put their names on a cake using icing. Or you can even include a heartfelt letter to go along with your personalized gift bags. These tiny little things will make them feel like you took special time and effort on the gift. After all, it’s really the thought that counts.

4Consider your timetable

December is clearly a busy month for everyone. Like with everything else, proper planning is key. By all means, gauge your schedule and block off the days you will be spending on preparation. If your timetable is a little bit tight but you’d still want to pursue giving personalized presents, make it a point to lessen your load by leaving the gift wrapping to the experts. The good news is that you don’t have to search high and low for food gift boxes that come in elegant packaging. Some even deliver to your doorstep, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

5Be highly aware of how your gifts will be sent out

So you’re finally done adding those finishing touches to your gifts. The next and final step is sending them out. You wouldn’t want your recipient to open the box and realize that the icing on the cupcakes are ruined, so make sure that the items are secured and intact when being transported.

If you’re going to put it in a box or wooden crate, make sure that it will be able to carry the item’s weight.

Now you’re ready to take your gift-giving skills to the next level. We’d love to hear your experience or your two cents in the comments section below!

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