Manila Cookie Story: The Cookie That Tells Our Country’s Tales

A cookie for every Juan


Photography by Karlo Cadang

For such a relatively small country, The Philippines is culturally diverse with thousands of islands with each having a story to tell. And this proudly Pinoy brand aims to let people know those anecdotes with their well-curated flavors that are uniquely ours. Prepare to discover a little bit more of The Philippines with every bite of these goodies.

The storytelling starts from the outside. Their packaging is one out of three collections. The Festival Collection showcases our colorful traditions like Kaamulan, Parol, and Dinagyang. Up next, the Weaving Collection honors the local art of weaving. Its boxes feature native Pinoy patterns like the T’nalak, Yakan, Gaddang, and others. Lastly, the Jeepney Collection is made out of tin cans shaped like a well-known icon – the jeepney or Manila’s King of the Road.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Once you pry open the lovely packaging, you’ll come to see the main event. Made with proudly Pinoy flavors, read on to know which flavors define what it means to be Filipino.

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Choose your weapon


Have you ever tried opening a tin of Danish Cookies only to find out it contains sewing tools? This familiar scenario has happened to a lot of Pinoy household, so much so that it’s somewhat been ingrained in our culture. You don’t have to worry this time because these Jeepney-shaped tins contain these buttery treats. Its creaminess is proof that being plain doesn’t mean boring.

Kape Barako

Being an agricultural country, it is no surprise that The Philippines also produces great coffee beans. “Barako” which means “manly” or “strong,” is how a lot of Pinoys like their cup of joe. Get a taste of this country’s popular and strong coffee blend with this flavor. Maybe you can even pair it with a mug of steaming coffee.

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The quirky packaging owes a lot to our country’s culture


Aside from coffee beans, The Pearl of the Orient also takes pride in its cacao. That is why the folks over at Manila Cookie Story proudly uses local chocolate – from South Cotabato, to be exact. This type of chocolate gives off natural notes of caramel and tropical fruit, which you can find in this cookie.

Queso de Bola

Although Queso de Bolas are often relegated to Noche Buena, you can get a taste of it all year round with this cookie. It’s just like eating a piece of Queso de Bola itself. Every bite of this salty and cheesy treat will remind you of festive Christmas memories with the family.

The folks over at Manila Cookie Story aims to share little bits of the Philippines and they’re doing some great storytelling with their current lineup of innovative flavors and packaging. Each cookie is made with proudly Pinoy ingredients that reveal just how colorful our country’s culture is. Stay tuned for more exciting flavors coming soon!

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