ICYMI: Master the Art of Digital Advertising in just 3 Steps

BASIC Inc. schools us on what every brand’s must-haves on their digital platforms


There’s no doubt about it. We live in a digital world. This relatively new medium has taken front and center, what with the entire goings on of the world at the touch of one’s fingertips. Social media and the World Wide Web have the power to bridge time and space, continents and countries, and every race in any place in milliseconds. How can an advertiser and entrepreneurs create opportunities with digital advertising? Here are three learnings we gathered from a seminar conducted by Business’ Advocacy in Sustainable and Innovative Concepts Inc. (BASIC) at the Food & Drinks Asia 2018.

digital advertising ICYMI: Master the Art of Digital Advertising in just 3 Steps FD 2018 Day 3 126

  1. Always think out of the box

When it comes to advertising your brand, you have to think strategically as to how yours can stand out among the many others offering the same service or brand. When addressing the needs of your target market, make sure to identify the problem and give solutions, all with a creative concept in mind. An example of this would be Breeze’s cool take on the detergent brand category.

  1. Give your brand a component of human stories

Think of the core values you can relate with your product, and give it a plot that would resonate with audiences. For instance, Jollibee’s viral videos released online, reflecting different takes on love. This goes to show that have the most impact touch the heart.

  1. Take advantage of ‘moment’ marketing

Be aware of the news items and trends that are currently rocking the world, and make smart use of them. This way, you can pique the interest of your target market.The best strategy for brand awareness, the wittiest ones often take the cake. The most recent instance for this would be the viral SEA Games 2018 poster, which was effectively remastered by many brands.

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