Navel oranges are officially back in season

Let’s get citrusy!


Citrus is making a comeback — thanks to Taste Australia.

Since Navel oranges are currently at its peak in Aussie land, you can bet that these fruits are being lovingly and carefully cultivated. And color us extremely grateful that they’re being brought in to us from Australia’s south east regions.

At its core, oranges are extremely versatile produce that can even be used for various savory plates or desserts. Another added bonus? Its various health benefits, of course (especially since these are packed with antioxodants, fiber, folate, and potassium) – from weight control to keeping your blood pressure intact, and not to forget its natural flu-fighting properties. The Australian Navel oranges are currently available at Rustan’s, Shopwise, Wellcome, S&R, Robinson’s, SM Supermarket and other major supermarkets.

What are you waiting for? Better grab these fresh citrusy treats at their participating outlets while it lasts!


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