Tako Maki? Udon Bolognese? Cheese Katsu Curry? Meet your new favorites at Ooma’s revamped menu


Ooma’s playful take on Japanese favorites made this joint one of the top places in the metro to satisfy the most intense cravings for bold and exciting flavors.

Since 2014, Ooma has taken its cue from the vibrant Tsukiji Market and Tokyo nightlife and interpreted these two iconic scenes into flavors. This October, they’re rolling out almost a dozen new menu items — from appetizers to dessert — giving classic dishes the “Ooma-fied” treatment. Here’s a taste of the new items on their revamped menu.

All new items are now available across all Ooma stores in Metro Manila starting October 2, 2019.

1. Crispy Taco Maki

CRISPY TAKO MAKI: Takoyaki on crispy seaweed with a soy dashi glaze, served with fried baby octopus, katsuobushi, Buldog aioli, and gari

2. Ikura Taco Maki

IKURA TACO MAKI: Pieces of buttery salmon topped with salmon roe, crispy fried shiso, and red radish

3. Tamago and Cheese Aburi Roll

TAMAGO AND CHEESE ABURI ROLL: A cheese roll duo of mozzarella and white cheddar, served with tamago (egg), aligue mayo, fried enoki, ebiko, and yakiniku sauce

4. Cheese Katsu Curry Don

CHEESE KATSU CURRY DON: Crispy breaded pork sukiyaki with mozzarella on a bed of Ooma’s house-made curry served with fried carrots and fried eggplants

5. Gyu Katsu Curry Don

GYU KATSU CURRY DON: Crunchy breaded sukiyaki beef and mozzarella with Ooma’s house-made curry

6. Bara Chirashi Don

BARA CHIRASHI DON: A combo of grilled baby octopus, salmon, tamago, tuna, and uni served on top of sushi rice

7. Ebi Tempura and Roasted Tomato Cold Soba

EBI TEMPURA AND ROASTE TOMATO COLD SOBA: Classic buckwheat noodles in a warm matcha broth topped with roasted tomatoes, and pickled watermelon rind. It’s served with a side of crunchy ebi tempura

8. Udon Bolognese

UDON BOLOGNESE: Thick udon noodles tossed in a sauce of tuna, sofrito, katsuobushi, and bolognese

9. Gindara

GINDARA: Atlantic Black Cod with cashew furikake, and pea purée; served with a side of radish salad

10. Garlic Steak

GARLIC STEAK: Sous vide hanging tender on top of cauliflower purée, served with crispy garlic, fried oyster mushrooms, sautéed kailan leaves, and teppanyaki sauce

11. Mochi & Matcha Cheesecake

MOCHI AND MATCHA CHEESECAKE: Creamy matcha filling with a sesame cashew crust topped with toasted rice and mochi