‘Pandesal’ and ‘Halo Halo’ Make It To The Oxford English Dictionary

In today's tasty news...

Photo from Ninyo's Pandesal

At a special event held at the Philippine Embassy in the UK, it was revealed that the third and current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) includes a number of Filipino words. Joining the likes of bongga, despedida, gimmick, kikay kit, OFW, and trap, two classic Pinoy delicacies make it onto the list.

One is the pandesal defined in the OED as the “a bread made of flour, eggs, yeast, salt, sugar, and salt, more commonly dipped in a hot cup of coffee or chocolate in the morning”. The halo halo also makes its debut and is defined in the OED as a “a dessert made of mixed fruits, sweet beans, milk, and shaved ice.”

One leap for Filipino-originated words, another leap for the world of Pinoy gastronomy!