Phased Out: Say goodbye to Jollibee’s Champ burger


For those who love Jollibee’s premium Champ Burger, 2020 is off to a sad start.

On January 2, the fast food giant officially announced on Facebook that they’re phasing out the Champ Burger, a beloved treat most known for its giant 100% pure beef patty, in all its branches nationwide.

According to Jollibee’s official statement, they’re currently “working on big and exciting things this year for our burgers line to delight and bring greater joy to our customers.”

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But just like the comeback of the Amazing Aloha Burger, there’s still a chance that Champ would make it back to the menu. So hardcore fans shouldn’t despair.

“Our product offerings are being reviewed regularly to meet customer demands so there’s always a chance that old Jollibee classics – including the Champ – may return in the future,” Jollibee said in its official statement.

What phased out Jollibee item do you want to make a comeback? Let us know!