These Private Dining Services are Perfect for Intimate Gatherings

Yuletide season or not, these bespoke caterings are best for all your reunion needs


There are times when you want an intimate place to share stories over lunch with your friends. Or maybe the introvert side in you is awake and you just couldn’t stand to overhear gossips from the other dining table. When that happens, a private dining experience is what you need. Aside from the privacy, many of them offer bespoke caterings so you’re sure to get an experience that’s made especially for you. Apart from that, these services are perfect for all your incoming Christmas gatherings too. Below are five private dining services in Manila that can easily (and quite literally) make you feel at home.

1Hapag Private Dining


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For an excellent taste of Filipino flavors, look no further than Hapag Private Dining. Their menu features various local vegetables, seafood, meat, and local desserts. You’re sure to taste authentic Filipino cuisine as they use local ingredients and produce as much as possible. You also don’t have to worry about allergies and diets because they are willing to tweak the menu to accommodate health and dietary restrictions.

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2Happy Concept Group


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This private catering service by Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu will surely bring a smile to your face. They offer bespoke gathering services to make every occasion unique and meaningful to each customer. You can even choose among a wide variety of cuisines like Filipino, Thai, Indian, French, and many others. With the Happy Concept Group, your intimate gathering is guaranteed to be a success.

For reservations, you can visit their website

3Privatus Private Dining


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This premium catering business is for the meticulous as they tailor their services to the customers needs. You can customize even the small details from the food, bar drinks, and up to the utensils. But it doesn’t end there. Their team members are trained to give you a premiere service. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the venue if you don’t live near the area. Their kitchen and events space may be located in Pasig but they cater to different locations in and out of Metro Manila.

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4Pinoy Eats World


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 This company is dedicated to food culture and they surely deliver. You can choose among their following services: Guerilla Dinners, Theme Dinners, and {f.}+Art Dinners. For the Guerilla Dinner, they’ll take care of everything, ensuring the food, music, and the smallest details are all a worthwhile surprise. For the second one, they’ll stick to a specific theme (e.g. Steak Night, Burger Night). You can also opt for the last option, as they fuse art, photography, and music to those who sign up for it. Pinoy Eats World truly is something to consider when you want to amp up your private dining game.

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5Pio’s Kitchen


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This ancestral home-turned-dining space is a relaxing venue for gatherings. The spacious and rustic feel of the place will surely make each customer feel at home. When it comes to food, you can choose among three of their curated menus, all of which feature various comfort food and their specialty paella, which we’ve been hearing a lot of praises of. By all means, you better not miss this.

For reservations, you can visit their website