The Road to Healthy Living: 4 Wholesome Snacks We’re Loving Now

Healthy living requires a whole lot of discipline, but who knew snacking could be guilt-free?


Healthy living requires a whole lot of discipline. Truth be told, the road towards it is not always a walk in the park. But hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? After all, it’s often the small repeated acts that lead to bigger habits, which in turn, directly affects your lifestyle. This is precisely why we at Breakfast HQ thought about “snacking” and how it could actually do your body a favor if you munch on the right stuff. And since this month is about giving healthy eats our best try, here are our top wholesome merienda faves.

1. Edgy Veggy’s Lentil Chia Crackers

Edgy Veggy’s Lentil Chia Crackers

When the clock strikes three in the afternoon, the whole world just seems to slow down and you suddenly feel all groggy and de-motivated. Don’t be tempted to go crazy on convenience store chips, as this would only make matters worse. Instead, load up on some high energy snacks, like Edgy Veggy’s gluten free Lentil Crisps with sesame, chia, and flax. Rest assured, you’ll be on top of your workload in no time.

Edgy Veggy is located at The Good Seed in 3 Brixton St. Pasig. For inquiries and deliveries, check out their Facebook page @EdgyVeggy.

2. Greenola’s Trail Mix

Greenola’s Trail Mix

If it’s your sweet tooth that’s acting up, know that there are better alternatives to chocolates, ice cream, and candies that won’t hurt your diet. We know that it’s hard to give all these up but maybe it’s about time to take those baby steps to healthy living. Greenola’s wide trail mix selections will make sure you’re on the right track. And they’re super affordable and munch-worthy too!

For inquiries and orders, check out their Facebook page @greenolaph.

3. Wit’s Granola

Wit’s Granola

Local produce and versatility are the secrets to the winning formula of Wit’s Sweet & Savouries’ offerings. They pride themselves in a variety of flavors—flavors that give one comfort or challenge the palate. There’s Davao’s famed cocoa in the mix, or the chilis and the gingers for the more adventurous. Then there’s the bestselling mango flavors. Not only is sustainability championed, but so is your journey to wholesome snacking. Win-win it is, folks!

For inquiries and more details, check out their website at

4. Take Root’s Kale Chips

Take Root’s Kale Chips

How can one resist chips? That is the question. Going cold turkey on it might prove to be torture for some, so how about redirecting it to a better choice? Take Root’s Kale Chips maximizes the natural umami of the kale, which brings about the same (or even more!) addictive level all that artificial flavoring normal chips have in its arsenal. Count us sold on this one.

For inquiries and orders, check out their Facebook page @takerootph.

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