The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono’s

Finally, some rules we don't mind following


Photography by Karlo Cadang

Sad fact: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet, we take it for granted. We’ve become slaves to our own beds, willing for time to hold at a miraculous standstill, for us to be allowed just five more minutes—and often not just—of indulging in dreamland. The scenario that comes afterward is one we’re all too familiar with: the morning rush, the hurried pace to get out of the door and into our daily commute, brains autowired to shut out a few moments of peace and solace and straight into work mode. If this is your life, we feel you, but you’d be glad to know that it shouldn’t mean sacrificing your breakfasts in solitude—easily the best boost you could have for the day after saying your prayers. Lucky for you, Nono’s could very well be the answer you never knew you needed. It just opened its third branch at the cusp of one of the Metro’s central business districts, inviting you in for a quick refuge to this urban jungle.

The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos35
Classy ’60s interiors all ’round
The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos36
It all started with Classic Confections

Nono’s was borne out of a slice of cake. Loved by many, Classic Confections was Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto’s first foray into the local culinary scene. It was only natural for her passion for delicious comfort food to follow suit, thus Nono’s. The diner’s look takes its cues from the ‘60s—all retro and pastel with hints of memorabilia. And on its menu, a bevy of breakfast fares reminiscent of the comforts of home, one that would surely help you regain your life back. If you’ve forgotten how to do your breakfasts right, this is the place to be schooled. We promise you’ll master the art of breakfast again in no time.

Always start your day with a cup of joe

The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos1
A cup of Flat White to brighten up your day

But first, coffee is just about the right philosophy you ought to live your days by. However, we urge you not to cozy up to your cup on an empty stomach but do accompany it with Nono’s great breakfast selections. Sip your coffee leisurely in between bites, all nice and slow. Rest assured, your senses will come to life minus the crash.

Never say no to eggs 

The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos7
Eggs Benedict, anyone?
The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos11
Chorizo with a side of double sunny side-up yolk
The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos19
Tapa so tender and fine

One can never go wrong when choosing to pair eggs with just about anything. Be it in Eggs Benedict form where the eggs are beautifully poached, or a runny sunny-side-up paired with chorizo slices that pack on the flavor, or perhaps as part of the classic tapa trio—tender thinly-sliced savory beef, with hefty amounts of garlic rice, and a double yolk sunny-side-up. Indeed, eggs are as versatile as it gets, a foolproof breakfast necessity that has survived the ages.

Bacon is a must

The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos16
A hefty Raoul’s Breakfast Plate including all your breakfast faves

If you want your mornings to start out on the winning end, bacon must be a part of your plate. No, we’re not talking about the overly greasy kind. Nono’s Raoul’s Breakfast Plate does theirs just right, allowing you to fullfill your bacon dreams with thick cuts that’s neither too crispy nor too soggy, and smoky to the last bite. Paired with French toast and eggs, this is one prime example of comfort food done right.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up

The 4 Rules of Breakfast According to Nono's Nonos28
Spicy Tuyo to feist up your breakfasts

While tuyo has been a staple to Filipino breakfasts, it’s about time to take things up a notch. Let Nono’s challenge your taste buds early on in the day with their Spicy Tuyo offering. The saline kick is immediately followed by a feisty undertone that lingers. The bowl even comes with a side of ensaladang mangga. True enough, this bowl is the explosion of flavors you need to complete your morning boost.

Planning to head over? You can now catch Nono’s breakfast fares every day from 7:30a.m. to 11a.m. at their newest branch in the ground floor of Three Central Salcedo. Need more eats around Makati? Check out Cartel Deli!