Say Hello To Kumori’s Japanese Donuts

Baked fresh daily!


Photography by Karlo Cadang

Kumori is going beyond their yummy cheesecake confections to bring you another timeless favorite. Welcome the Puffy O – the brand’s no frills take on the Japanese Baked Donut.

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Japan baked daily gets the donut treatment

Known for its smaller bite-sized exterior and less sweeter than your traditional donut, the Japanese version is minimalist in form but does not scrimp on flavor. Hence, Kumori’s Puffy O in Choco Caramel, Banana Walnut, and Cheese.

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Bite into the clouds with this timeless Japanese dessert elevated the Kumori way

The signature treat is a dense, moist, delicately flavored sponge cake crafted meticulously by hand with rich buttermilk, fresh eggs, creamy butter, and fine wheat flour. Just a touch of the simplest ingredients with pure quality – an unmistakable touch of Kumori all the way.

The Puffy O is available in all of Kumori PH’s branches.


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