Tako Maki? Udon Bolognese? Cheese Katsu Curry? Meet your new favorites...

Ooma’s playful take on Japanese favorites made this joint one of the top places in the metro to satisfy the most intense cravings for...

Bakehouse MNL is set to brighten up your mornings

Shangri-La at the Fort’s newest offering keeps our love for bread alive.

Let Kureji sizzle their way to your appetite

This proudly homegrown concept gets crazy with ramen

Come home to Nono’s New Flavors

Nono’s new menu explores new flavors of home, making every moment spent with loved ones all the more special.

Caffe Freddo is Your Newest Hideout In BGC

In the Metro where buildings tower left and right and traffic is a daily routine, it's nice to have a change of scenery every once in a while.

Khao Khai Thai Chicken is set on making you fall in...

True to its word, Khao Khai Thai Chicken House is true to the soul of BKK - laidback with an element of grit, accessible, and honestly raw as can be.

Its name is FRNK and no, it’s not milk tea

We can't imagine a time where milk was ever non-existent in our lives. It's nice to know that FRNK knows we simply can't get enough of our milk quota. 

S Kitchen Gets in Touch With Our Filipino Roots By Way...

S Kitchen has a lot more Filipino recipes to offer. Don’t miss out on their mouthwatering offerings and round up the squad for a satisfying lunch/dinner.

Cartel Deli: Bringing a Little Bit of Spain to Manila

Granted, they surely meant it when they said you can have just about anything you fancy in this diner.

Derive Cafe is The Ultimate 80’s Throwback

The 80's may be long gone but there are some people who still cling on for nostalgia’s sake.This new cafe in the South succeeds in bringing back the glory days.

Esqinita Is Your Modern Homage to the Pinoy Carinderia

Carenderias have become an important part of Pinoy food culture and through Esqinita, Chef Rob Pengson gives it an apt modern homage.

Soru Izakaya: The Folks Who Turn Food Into Art

We're calling it, this is definitely the home of photogenic sushi.