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They say all good things come to an end, but we at Breakfast Magazine would like to modify that quote a bit. We believe that all good things need to grow with the times. To evolve is synonymous to thriving and surviving; it gives one a chance to spread their wings and explore a new world of possibility. No goodbyes, just hello’s.

For 6 years now, Breakfast Magazine has  been a purveyor of gastronomic tales. We’ve brought to light several facets of the industry, bringing them closer to your dining tables. With every issue, we made it a point to celebrate the beauty of food with you, seeking to elevate food to more than just a mere essential for living, but also as an out-of-body experience.  

As we draw the curtains to the printed page, and prepare for this big leap of faith in the digital realm, allow us to reminisce our colorful history. It’s hard to limit the highs of the past six years in a certain word count, but we gave it our best try. So here it is, some of the most memorable moments we’ve shared together for a great run.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine FM 2012

The Grand Debut
February-March 2012

Breakfast Magazine’s foray into the world of gastronomy began with Judy Ann Santos at the cover. A renowned figure of Philippine showbiz, her star hasn’t dimmed since. At the time, she was getting known for the food enthusiast in her, adding ‘chef’ to her resume. True enough, Judy Ann was the apt representation to kickstart the Breakfast That Lasts, as Editor-In-Chief Alexis Kim Paola Cuizon puts it. In setting the tone for what Breakfast Magazine is, she points out, “Apart from the fact that Filipinos love Breakfast, the idea behind the name was indeed metaphoric…[we wanted] to create a holistic experience of eating food, to familiarize oneself with the maker and the history behind it.” Thus, the beginning of a delicious journey to celebrating food with you, our dear reader.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine ON 2013

Crime of Passion
October-November 2013

Breakfast Magazine’s early years were punctuated with a distinct style that separated them from the rest of the pack. Rather than plated food, distinguished food enthusiasts graced each cover—from celebrities to various game changers in the industry. Chef and Breakfast’s frequent collaborator, Sau del Rosario was one such man that dirtied his hands with relentless crimes of passion for food, cooking, and life. Several industry “eyewitnesses” like Chef See Cheong Yan, Junie del Mundo, Chef Miko Aspiras, Chef Kalel Chan, and Nancy Reyes-Lumen were gathered to present the case of what yielded 20 years of his great handiwork. “The old guard gives way to the new but Chef Sau will always have his way and will always remain the Philippines’ most wanted,” concludes Mark Magallanes, who penned the cover story.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine ON 2014

The Food Manual for the Modern Pantry
October-November 2014

Ah, the deconstructed sandwich. Who could forget? This was the first issue we decided to change up the way we did our covers. From personalities that partook in the undertakings of food, we deemed it fit for actual food from the hands of these personalities to take the limelight. The time was ripe to shift our focus. Editor in Chief, Alexis Kim Cuizon, said it best, “We have made this exceptionally visual and creative not to discourage youbut to motivate you to be your own game changer in the kitchen. Start with good butter or oil then pour an ounce of confidence with that, because you’ll never know what masterpiece you can come up with if you don’t!” Indeed, the past six years has been a testament that Breakfast Magazine has become the manual you run to for all things food.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine JJ 2015

Loving Local
June-July 2015

In keeping with the spirit of the commemoration of Philippine Independence, we dared to bring you an issue with an all-around Pinoy feast of epic proportions. This was the issue that started the yearly tradition of bringing you the best of Filipino cuisine every June, and indeed,  it had been a joy of ours doing so. For the cover, Sarsa’s Chef JP Anglo cooked up a mean Spatchcock Inasal. We enjoyed making every page with our tastebuds set on the dishes that define our gastronomy. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your support for this issue—which remains one of our bestselling copies to this day.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine AS 2017

Bring Out the Baon
August-September 2017

Along with the calendar shift of most schools and universities, our August to September 2017 issue was dedicated to baon blowouts, after-school specials, and the great university food crawl. We took the liberty to revamp our inside look to include more recipes for Real Food and more room to explore for Real Stories such as Brand Talk, Gastronomy Confidential, and Food Trip. Mommies loved the cover which featured a cute bento box formed in the fashion of three little pigs, crafted by none other than DIY kawaii bento maker and inspo, Nikki Garcia, known to many as Nikkimbento.

breakfast mag A Trip Down Memory Lane: The legacy of Breakfast Magazine AM 2018

The Ultimate Cook-Off
April-May 2018

Breakfast Magazine has always been one for innovation, and our current summer issue is no exception. Dubbed as “The Ultimate Cook-Off”, we challenged 8 chefs to create a remarkable three-course meal. The twist? They can only use one main ingredient all throughout. From the likes of avocado to tamarind, you’d be surprised just how imaginative our chefs can be if you let them. The April to May 2018 issue also marks our last contribution to print. Issue number 38, to be exact. The delight of the printed page will always hold a special place in our hearts.  However, we’ve always been firm believers of moving forward and onward. So, here’s a toast to bigger, brighter, and better things to come. Cheers!

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