The Ultimate Holiday Foodie Gift Guide: Good as Food Edition

We round up some more gift ideas for your food-loving loved ones

Artworks by Kiel Vasquez

Can you believe there’s just three days left before Christmas? The clock is ticking fast—so much so that you could just miss out on something if you dare blink for more than a second. If you’re looking at your gift list now and still have yet to complete the daunting task, fear not for this gift guide might be your ultimate life-saver—and you don’t have to sacrifice creativity and novelty either! So here goes one last round-up for the road, some presents you can give to the food-obsessed people in your life, sans the actual food fare.


Fruity scents to brighten up your home

Goodies N’ Sweets’ Chef Aileen Anastacio can add another feather to her cap aside from her delectable sugary confectionare classics. This time, she’s keeping us on her toes with her online fragrance shop dedicated to keep homes smelling fresh, inviting, and clean. From home diffusers to room sprays and even to liquid soaps, there’s a lot of yummy scents to your fancy whether you like your Green Tea or your Pink Grapefruit. What’s more is that you can even opt to personalize the bottles too to give your gift a special touch.

For inquiries and more details, visit their Facebook page at

2Skin Food

Delicious food your skin will surely love

There’s a popular saying that goes along the lines of “you are what you eat”. And this is the philosophy that Skin Food lives by, starting with the food you allow your skin to consume. They have a wide range of skin care products and make-up essentials, all with scrumptious scents and bases too. For instance, you’ll find a Yuja Water toner that carries a citrusy lemon scent and a strawberry-inspired face scrub—not to mention some face masks that promote healthy living too (we’re looking at you Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Mask Sheet). Plus, tomato red glossies and a finishing powder with peachy intentions. Need we say more?

Skin Food is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical stores across the Metro


We won’t mind resting our heads on these comfort food pillows

Tickles has been the go-to gift shop for four decades now, and all for good reason too! If you’ve come across any of their stores, you’ll attest to its unmistakeable pull that makes you stop in your tracks and head over to browse their quirky fun-loving items. Lucky you, they carry lots of items that can feed your barkada’s love for food. Case in point are their penchant for food pillows like fried chicken, french fries, burgers, and yes—pizza. Why dream about your favorite comfort food when you can dream all you want on it, right?

Tickles is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical stores across the Metro


Cute fruity wallets to give to your inaanak

When it comes to some serious color scheming, ROY&BIV has seriously got it down to a tee. Enter their store and you’ll see all the colors of the rainbow and the corresponding items that belong to each color scheme. Here, you can find the perfect food-inspired gift for each color. We suggest going for their cute wallets that come in yellow with adorable pineapple prints, or perhaps grab the one that comes in green with a cartoon avocado saying “Let’s avo-cuddle”. Or maybe the one in red with a kitschy watermelon with a witty pick-up line to boot (i.e. You’re one in a melon).

ROY&BIV is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical stores across the Metro


Put some pizzazz to your stuff with this pizza-themed merch

This online shop was born out of the owner’s nostalgic tendencies with the printed page. Sure, the whole world might be shifting at a rapid space towards the digital realm but nothing beats the feeling of fresh paper in your hands. Remember those days where everyone was an avid collecter of stationery sets? Catastrophe makes that memory alive again, and then some with their additional lifestyle items that go with. One particular collection we’ve set our eyes on is their Pizzaz which brings pizza to life, pop-art style, in their phone cases and notepads.

For more details, visit them at

6Human Nature

All organic and proudly Pinoy

If they ask you why, tell them that it’s human nature. Not the classic, but the proudly local brand that prides itself in uplifting the lives of the impoverished through their social enterprise, and provides quality natural products that would make Mother Nature proud. Get a hold of their Citrus hand soaps and hand sanitizers or their body butters and scrubs that come in Berry Bliss and Coffee & Vanilla.

Human Nature is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical outlets across the Metro

7Bath & Body Works

Stay fresh from morning to night with Bath & Body Works

There’s no doubt in our heads that Bath & Body Works is committed to keeping anyone’s bodies fresh and clean—not just in the shower but all throughout the day. If you need further proof, you can check out their fine fragrance mists that come in various addicting food scents like Warm Vanilla, Vanilla & Spice, and Pumpkin Latte. Look like a snack and smell like one too—don’t mind if we do.

Bath & Body Works is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical outlets across the Metro


Stay effortlessly flawless all day, everyday

The brand’s namesake is actually another word that means “to illuminate”, and this is exactly what they’re out to do with their multipurpose mineral makeup. Try purchasing their mineral loose foundation for your girl squad to make sure they head out the door looking as flawless as ever. Not to mention, they come in delectable shades like Café Mocha, Chai Tea, Caramel, and French Vanilla, among others. Add in some of their equally delectable lip scrubs that come in Strawberry Vanilla and Watermelon Mint for that extra care and sheen.

Ellana is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical outlets across the Metro

9Scents of Style

These scents will never go out of style

Style is not merely relegated to one’s clothing or fashion sense from head to toe. It’s a lifestyle and attitude, something one imbibes to become part of his person. And what better way to punctuate your statement all the more with a fragrance that defines you. By all means, grab a perfume that encapsulates the very people you love over the holidays—be it in Fresh Peach & Blooms, Blackberry & Citrus, Green Tea, and Vanilla & Blooms.

Scents of Style is available in BeautyMNL


Perfect for every member of your barkada

When it comes to eccentric items that elevate Pinoy pop culture to a level of wacky appreciation, Artwork is the place to be to complete your gift-giving needs. Take your pick from their selection of cutesy pouches that have gastronomy as their front and center, with fruits or sunny side-up prints or even food mantras like “Lechon is my Lifeforce”, “Fishball Party”, or “Isaw Eaters Club”.

Artwork is available in various e-commerce sites and has various physical outlets across the Metro

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