Looking to spice up your fambam staycations? We’ve got you covered!

Staying home for the weekend? We got you covered!


mega sardines Looking to spice up your fambam staycations? We’ve got you covered! INTRO Revised

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of the best things in life not having to cost a fortune. And the same can be said with weekends spent at home. It doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest. In fact, you just really need a few simple things to amp it up. Here, we give you some ideas to spice up your family bonding sessions in your humble abode. Who knows? You might just turn boring weekend routines into new family traditions.

1. Have a movie marathon

Have a movie marathon

We’re pretty sure everyone’s got a not-so-secret list of flicks they’ve always wanted to watch or re-watch but haven’t really gotten around to. Well, the time is now. And what better way to chill out with your fam than with a movie marathon alongside a ton of crisps, sweets, and bags of microwave-made popcorn, right? To make things more exciting, we suggest you draw lots. The name who gets picked out will be in charge of the movies to be shown for the day. That way you can get to know each one’s faves and acquaint yourselves with different film genres and different eras. Sign us up!

2. Make decluttering a fun deed

Make decluttering a fun deed

Come on, you know you have to pay your closet and drawers a timely visit. Don’t dread the occasion. Instead, pull out all the stops for the chore to become an activity you can watch out for. For one, you can blast out some jams from your childhood and sing your lungs out with the sibs while deciphering which clothes get to stay and which ones get the cut. Or you can opt to reminisce with your ‘rents about those old files and photos tucked in gazillion folders.Trust us, you won’t notice the time passing.

3. Try out each other’s hobbies

Try out each other’s hobbies

The weekend is always the best time to learn something new, so don’t miss out on the opportunity. Develop your green thumb by getting some noteworthy gardening hacks from mom. Then, brush up on those lay-ups and neat basketball tricks with dad in tow. Ate would love for you to give her a helping hand as she bakes those glorious chocolate chip cookies you’ve always loved munching on. Finally, round it off with ading’s penchant for arts and crafts–be it joining her for a watercoloring sesh or drawing some neat sketches.

4. Two words: Game Night

Two words: Game Night

When the night falls, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Make game night a fam tradition, and we guarantee you that you’ll always look forward to weekends at home. Be it hitting up on the board games, or teaming up in groups of two for rounds of charades–just about any indoor game you can think of really. Win or lose, it’s bound to spice up the evening and bring cackles of laughter to the home.

5. Challenge yourself with a new recipe

Challenge yourself with a new recipe

New eats? Yes please! Put on your chef’s hat with the fambam and make creating a new recipe with Mega Sardines’ fresh and delicious extra hot new offering, Mega Extra Hot Sardines, your ultimate bonding activity. As if turning on the feist factor to your dishes isn’t enough, it’s also got pretty promising health benefits with Omega 3/6 and the fat-burning benefits of chili. Not to mention the feeling of assurance that you’re giving your family only the best sardines in the local market, what with its world class recognitions of quality.

mega sardines Looking to spice up your fambam staycations? We’ve got you covered! mega revised 1

Be bold and adventurous. Go all out and try the all-new MEGA EXTRA HOT SARDINES to spice up your dull dining experience and bring your fambam weekends at home to the next level!

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