Take the Youngsters to These 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants

These diners are sure to get two tiny thumbs up from the kids


Artwork by Kiel Vasquez

If you’re the type that doesn’t eat a certain food that is delectable to the majority, then you might have been called as someone who has “the taste buds of a kid.” The reason behind this idiom has a scientific background: kids’ taste buds are not as developed as those in adults. This is why children tend to become extra picky when it comes to food. This would result in spending hours browsing the menu for the perfect dish. As a parent or guardian, this can become frustrating. But the good news is that there are restaurants that have their own Kids’ Menu to give you an easier time to decide. Here are a few eats you should keep in mind the next time you’re bonding with the li’l ones.


Photo from @chilisphilippines

This Tex-Mex restaurant is one of the most family-friendly in its category. Just a single click on their hashtag #ChilisPhilippines will show you dozens of families having a great time. Their Kids’ Menu contains a wide variety of choices the young ‘uns can choose from. Among the dishes are the Combo-Chicken Crispers and Spaghetti, Cheeseburger Bites & Fries, Crispers & Fries, and I-Scream Float to name a few. Each meal also comes with a free drink (Fountain Drinks, Lemonade, Iced Tea)! Your kiddos will surely be up for this.

Chili’s has various branches around the Philippines

2Wild West Roadhouse Grill

Photo from @wildwestph

The Wild West Roadhouse Grill is the first modern western grill in the Philippines and has been serving families since 2007. Aside from that, they also take pride in their well-curated Kids’ Menu. It has four dishes that will surely keep the kids happy, from Lil’ Chicken Tenders (Php160), to Spaghetti (Php145), to their new Burger Bites (Php220), and to the Spaghetti and Chicken Tenders Combo (Php210). You wouldn’t need to entice them with interesting cowboy stories just for you to convince them to eat with you.

Wild West Roadhouse Grill has various branches around the Philippines

3Krazy Garlik

Photo from facebook.com/krazygarlikph

If the children are driving you Krazy about making them eat, then Krazy Garlik’s Kids’ Menu will solve your problems. Their Only Kids Get It section in the menu is a surefire way to get them into eating right. It includes classic comfort food like Baked Mac and Cheese (Php225), Alice Chicken (Php225), and Kids Pizza (Php195). Never feel confused again with what to feed your young ‘un.

Krazy Garlik has various branches around Metro Manila

4Katsu Sora

Photo from facebook.com/katsusora

Kids still have tiny hands which will give them a difficult time learning how to use the chopsticks. But that shouldn’t stop them from experiencing what an authentic Japanese meal tastes like. Katsu Sora offers a Kid’s Meal which can easily be eaten using the hands. It’s a complete set with pieces of chicken nuggets, fruits, and a choice of fries or rice. All of which for only Php275. It’s surely a great way to introduce the young foodies to Japanese cuisine.

Katsu Sora has various branches around Metro Manila

5Buffalo Wild Wings  

Photo from facebook.com/buffalowildwingsphilippines

If you think its sports bar ambiance is intimidating for the kids, then prepare to be proven wrong. Buffalo Wild Wings is a place where adults and kids can get along. Starting with their Kids’ Menu which has a wide variety of dishes – Cheeseburger Slammer, Traditional Wings, Cheese Flatbread, Naked Tenders, and Mini Corn Dogs. You also wouldn’t have to worry about entertaining them while waiting for their food because they also have a videogame station.

Buffalo Wild Wings has various branches around Metro Manila

Where will you take the kids next? Here are a few more suggestions.